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Let's Get You Started with
The Right Supplies

I realize that some of us live in small towns, so you don't live near an art supply store such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby. So, if you are like me, you get as much online as you can and have it delivered right to your door or mailbox.

With that being said, I have attached some links so you can purchase what you need to get started. And, everything is available on Amazon. (Yay!)

I have sectioned off the must haves and other products. I hope you get real serious about painting with alcohol inks because it is so easy and affordable and most of all very rewarding.  Keep in mind, these inks will last you a very long time.


Basic Supplies (Must have)

Brand: Ranger/Tim Holtz. This is one of my favorite brands. Here is an affordable set that will give you the basic colors. This set includes white, which you won't use for the beginner class, but hold on to it because we will use it in later classes and it is an amazing "mixative".

This set is less than $27 and has extra tools. 

Click on the SHOP link to view:


Brand: Pinata by Jacquard.  Another favorite brands. Here is an affordable set that will give you the basic colors. Pinata colors are very rich in color, so if bold, bright colors are what you want, these are the best on the market in my opinion. This set includes white, Pearl, brass and copper, which you won't use for the beginner class, but hold on to it because we will use it in later classes and they really add pizazz to your art. Be sure to study these colors and make sure you like them.

This set is less than $32 and includes blending pen. (Great deal)  

Click on the SHOP link to view:


Ranger Denim:   These are the main colors of inks I use. You can purchase these at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics and more, but this is the link for these colors on Amazon. 

Ranger Greens:   For some reason, it is hard to find the green inks individually. However, Amazon has a good price for these. Evergreen and Mojito (Mo Heato) my favorite, rich and dark but it is good to have the set if you plan to paint a lot of foliage, which I do. 


Ranger Purple:   Purples are always very rich in dye, so remember that when you paint. Amazon has the best price for this. Less than $4 and it will last you forever. 

Note: You can get similar colors, maybe in a set even, but these are some of my recommendations. Choice of colors are up to you.

video 91%.jpg

Isopropryl Alcohol 91%:   More commonly known as Rubbing Alcohol. This is something you can get at your local pharmacy or grocery store at a more affordable price than online. Do not make the decision to use 71% proof. It does not work as well. 99% is ideal but a little more costly.


Painter's Palette: Here is a sample set. They are affordable and easy to clean. If you don't want to start out with these, you can use a paper plate but I recommend you get the right supplies so your inks don't run together and make a mess.  This set of 4 is priced below $5  Click on the link to add to your Amazon cart. 

watercolor brush.jpg

Paint Brushes: You may start out using the paint brushes you already use for your crafts such as acrylics, however, I do recommend you work with good brushes. Watercolor brushes are the best. Here are some brushes I have purchased that work great and are very affordable.  You may search Amazon and find finer brushes depending on your budget.  These are priced around $11 for the set, which is great! 


Nitrile Gloves: It is important that you use Nitrile for some aspects of working with inks. You will have to use them if you are using epoxy resin, such as for tumblers or anything that will need a heavy coating such as food-safe projects. I buy these instead of plastic gloves, but you can use any type of glove for the ink. They are just to protect your skin from stains. These are priced around $10-$12 for 100. They will last you quite a while. 


Ceramic Jug:  I use this piece alot because it sells well. I purchased it at HOBBY LOBBY. If you don't have one near you, try shopping at a second hand store. Any ceramic that is white and smooth will work. This piece runs on sale often is less than $7 on sale. Here is the link to this item. 


Ceramic Vase Set:  This is a great choice for working on your pieces. You want to look for smooth ceramic (nonporous). The set of 3 is priced around $26, which is a deal. 


Glass Soap Dispenser Set:  This is a great choice for working on your pieces. You can probably find these just about anywhere. I prefer glass over plastic because I coat them with epoxy resin for long lasting results. This set sells for about $15. I always buy these new rather than used because you want to ensure the pump is new and clean. 

Additional Supplies for Best Results


Blending Solution: This should probably be in the section above with Must Have. I know I can't work without it, but you can use alcohol to thin out your ink. There is something magical about the blending solution that lets the ink flow in a marble-like pattern and makes all the difference in the world. I highly recommend purchasing this along with your ink set. 


Snow Cap White Mixative:  Please watch the video about using mixatives. The effect it has on colored alcohol ink is intriguing. This is usually a product  I introduce for more advanced techniques but the video demonstrates a simple application. Be sure to shake before use. Once you try this, you will love it. Metallic colors are available also.  

3M P95 mask.jpg

3M P95 Mask. Fumes from the alcohol can be toxic. It is important to block out the fumes while you paint, just as you would if you were using varnish or any other product that has fumes. A regular mask does not block fumes. If you only have a standard mask, wear it an ensure that you have proper ventilation such as windows and doors open, oscillating fan pulling the fumes to the outside.  This mask runs about $24 on Amazon and is fairly comfortable. Replacement filters are available but the filters included will last a long time.


Dagger Brush Set:  This is by far my favorite brush. You may not need it for the beginner classes, but the classes on flower, leaves and foliage will be very inspiring if you use these brushes. They are well worth the investment.  Amazon prices them very fairly. They come in a variety of sizes. 


Turntable:  (Lazy Susan) I love to use this turntable for my ceramic and glass pieces. It makes it easy to paint all sides without having to touch the piece and risk pulling off ink with a fingerprint.  This is just a household turntable. I have them in every cabinet in my house. Best invention since the wheel. This can be purchased at Walmart, grocery store, or Amazon. Any size between 6" and 10" is recommended.  Note: it will get stained, so keep it with your art supplies.


Liquid Resist:  I have a tutorial on this and will probably have more than one since it is a little different from just painting.  Resist does exactly what it says, "resist" paint. So when you apply the resist, then paint, you will then pull off the resist and the base color of your piece appears.  It is one of my favorite applications. Check it out. 

This is a rotisserie-style cup turner. You will need this if you are making a cup, mug, etc. My video explains the details. I like this type of turner because the spring action grabs your cup and prevents it slipping, wobbling or falling off the turner.  Click to purchase this on Amazon. Free shipping.

Epoxy resin. This is an absolute if you are making a piece that needs to be food-safe. It creates a beautiful shiny finish and protects your piece. More info on my video. Click on the button to buy from Amazon, free shipping.


Insulated wine tumbler. I always try to buy white but pastel colors will work also. Sometimes you can find them at a lower cost. Search on Amazon for other drinkware.  Here are the links to the wine and the large tumbler.


I like this offer for a tumbler because it comes with a straw and brush for cleaning. You will want something like this if you are gifting your art. 


Gessobord (note the spelling).  I would give this one good basecoat before applying alcohol ink or acrylic.  Check out the Amazon link, but you can select the size you want in the drop down menu. 

mini canvas.webp

This link is for Hobby Lobby because they have a variety of small canvas shapes in a pack of 4 at very affordable prices.  I collect several sizes so I have more options when laying out my design.  You can also find round canvas in several sizes.


Sunnycopa brand Waterslide Decal Paper for Laser printer.  See below if you have an ink jet printer. This paper is special and must be printer with the specified printer type. This link is for clear decals.

Sunnycopa brand Waterslide Decal Paper for Ink jet printer.  You will have a choice of white or clear decals.  This paper is special and must be printer with the specified printer type.  This link is for clear decals.


Polyurethane Gloss 1/2 pint size is plenty.  Coat your ceramics, glass or metal with this to seal. If you are going to epoxy resin your piece, you MUST seal with this first. For vases and decor items, just apply 2 coats if your piece does not need to be food safe. I do NOT recommend spray. 

I hope this supply list helps you. I will continue to add items as needed.

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