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To Paint....or Not to Paint...

The Clock is Ticking....So Let's Get to it!

Every year, most of wait until the last minute to complete our gift-giving list.

I have a solution that will make gift-giving not only fun, but affordable too!

I can guarantee you that people love receiving hand made crafts as a gift. It tells them that you took the time to use your imagination and create a colorful, meaningful and unique piece of art just for them. As for you, you will be saving time by staying home, away from the crowded stores and saving money for high priced items that you don’t even know if they will like.  The only shopping you will need to do is for your supplies and if you are like me, I shop at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Amazon.

I have tutorials online that take you through step-by-step on how to paint ceramics and glass and tumblers. And, there are more videos to follow. I will be posting videos on mixed media such as acrylics and 3D art.

But for now, let’s focus on gifts.

Here are a list of my top selling items in my art gallery that YOU can make yourself:






You can watch my videos for all of these items. The Wall Art Tutorial is near completion and is in 3 parts.  

Above is product of  my latest video, “No Talent Required - Easy Wine Tumbler”. This is so easy and takes only a few minutes. I finished this piece off with cut vinyl letters using my Cricut and cutting strips for the borders. You can also use Waterslide decals. Then epoxy resin the piece.

This is a great gift and personalizing is easy. These retail for over $40 and your cost of supplies for this is about $12. You could afford to make several and knock out your holiday list quickly.

I encourage you to take action and start learning to paint, even if you think you have no talent at all. It’s fun and it is so easy!

Just click on the link above and go to my website. You are welcome to get ideas from my gallery and get inspired.

My tutorials start at $5 membership and the number of videos you watch is unlimited! And, you can cancel at anytime.

I appreciate your support. It helps me to create more videos for you to enjoy.

Please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are. My mission is to create artists all over the world by opening their imagination.

Until then, take care.


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