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To Paint....or Not to Paint...

New Video: Painting Daisies And Mums

You asked for it, so here is the first in the series

It is so great to hear from my group. Flowers can be tough and may take a lot of practice, but this technique is very simple and you can create beautiful flowers. Try different colors and sizes.  Practice on a ceramic tile (glossy finish) so you can erase and start over at any time.

I am offering a 2 for 1 in this video. You will learn how to paint easy daisies and this mum-like flower.  I am not sure what to name this flower or if it even is a mum, but it is one of my best sellers, so I want to share the love with you.

I hope you enjoy this video and please stick around for more videos coming soon.

I invite you to join my facebook group where you can become an interactive friend and share your thoughts, your art from watching the videos, ask questions and more. See the facebook link below to join. My blogs also have updated information and you can find them on my website under “BLOGS”.

If you are not a patron on my Patreon platform, please check it out via my website or click on the link below.  The membership is very affordable and you may cancel at anytime. Patreon is a very well respected platform for all kinds of entrepreneurs. Once you join, remember to download the app on your phone or tablet and it will bring you directly to your account. No logging in.  If you have any questions, please let me know. I am here for you.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Take care.


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