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To Paint....or Not to Paint...

New Membership Format

Hi everyone! Thank you for taking time to read this blog. After researching different formats, I discovered a program that I feel like is the best solution for a Win/Win opportunity for both of us. As some of you know, I charged $60 for my Alcohol ink workshops. I also taught other mediums. I don't have access to a classroom area but people are always asking me to teach. I have an art gallery downtown and my products are very unique. The applications and products are ideas that I came up with. Anyway, my mission is to teach these techniques worldwide. Even if you don't consider yourself an artist, I can teach you these techniques that require no talent at all.

Now, back to the format. I discovered and studied the analytics and I know it is legitimate. Sure, I want to make money doing this but I believe my patrons are willing to support my efforts by joining any of my 3 ridiculously affordable levels starting at only $5 (Picasso) per month, $8 (Monet) per month and $12 (Tiffany) per month. Each level receives more perks than the less expensive level below it. The Tiffany level has great perks including exclusive videos and a monthly drawing for a piece of my art. (Get in now while the levels are new and you have a better chance of winning a piece valued at $40+.) Best of all, one can cancel at any time; but I hope they don't.

I am very excited to introduce this to everyone reading this blog. I have a lot of hard work ahead but I also have a long list of projects that I will be make videos which will be available at least 2 per month. I am adding 2 new videos in August and working on more that will be added in Sept or late August. (My son is getting married in August, so I am a little preoccupied), but I promise I will be working very hard to consistently deliver new products to my members.

So check it out on the link: . I hope to see you soon as a member of my group. We are going to have some creative "ah ha" moments, you'll see.

Take care all.

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