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To Paint....or Not to Paint...

10 Great Gift Ideas for the Holidays (or Anytime)

Time is running out and you are stumped on what to get (or make) for that one

person who so hard to shop for. Here are some DIY projects that are quick and easy.

So, the holidays are fast approaching, or that birthday that you just didn’t have time to go shopping for.  It’s hard to find something that you know that someone will enjoy. These are items that sell well in my art gallery. 

Here are 10 ideas that are fast and easy to make. 

  1. Light switch plate. You can use alcohol ink or acrylic to paint and easily coat with a thick shiny coat that will make it easy to clean. You would be surprised how much people like these. They are unique and creative.  Be sure you know what kind of plates they have in their home. 

  2. Domino necklace or  

  3. Keychain. Easy to make for all the gals on your list. You can use stickers, decals or paint abstracts. Coat with varnish or polyurethane. 

  4. Hook painted on block of wood. This can be an abstract background with a decorative hook from Hobby Lobby. 

  5. Flask. Order on Amazon, paint and personalize with stick on letters, cut them with a cutter (Cricut) or use a decal. Coat and you are done. Btw, these are not only for liquor. I carry coffee flavoring and take it with me to restaurants. 

  6. Soap dispenser. I have a class on this ($5). I recommend that you coat with epoxy resin but you can use several coats of varnish instead.  

  7. Vase. This is easy too. Abstract is the way to go and requires no talent. Finish with 2 coats of varnish and if you want, add some artificial foliage. You can see this piece is painted with just streaks and then I put the foliage around the neck. Way cool! 

  8. Tea pot or vase. Easy to paint abstract and then coat with varnish. But, let the receiver know it is for decoration only. If you coat with epoxy resin on a turner, then it can be food safe. (however, no microwave or dishwasher) 

  9. Tissue holder. Another easy gift that women love. Who wants a plain tissue box as part of their décor. This is easier to paint than you think.  Again, coat with varnish or polyurethane. I buy the oil based quick dry.  

  10.   10. Earrings. These are made of matboard and then decoupage an image onto the front and back. Finish with jewelry hooks or posts.  


Please check out my online tutorials.  I will have all of the techniques for these projects on my platform.   Subscribe now and let me teach you some really cool painting techniques. But wait, don't give up, I am adding videos on a regular basis and I will be introducing 3D art in the near future.

Thanks for your support on my Patreon platform. You can join via my website or straight to

Happy Holidays,

Marlene Outlaw               

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